Guy du Plessis  

Training & Consulting

I provide online training and consulting services for healthcare professionals, recovery coaches, treatment administrators, and 12-Step orientated lay counsellors interested in applying the Integrated Recovery Program and/or Integrated Recovery Meta-therapy in their practice or treatment facility. 

The Integrated Recovery Program is outlined in my book An Integral Guide to Recovery: Twelve Steps and Beyond, and Integrated Recovery Meta-therapy is described in my book An Integral Foundation for Addiction: Beyond the Biopsychosocial Model. Because these approaches applies integral meta-theory therapists, counselors and coaches are provided with a multiperspectival framework that enables them to work in an inclusive and comprehensive manner, while at the same time providing a meta-theoretical and trans-disciplinary orientation. 


The training program is structured in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Theory,
  • Phase 2: Practice,
  • Phase 3: Case Study. 

The training schedule for each Phase is presented over a 8 week period, but can be adjusted to the needs of the trainer.


The training program includes:

  •  Weekly 1 hour individual Skype Conference calls.
  • Provision of all educational material, including a copy of An Integral Guide to Recovery: Twelve Steps and Beyond, and An Integral Foundation for Addiction: Beyond the Biopsychosocial Model
  • Template of an Integrated Recovery Workbook.
  • One assignment for each phase.



It is important to note that this training program does not offer any form of accreditation, nor is it intended to teach the basics of addiction counselling. This training program offered in an adjunct to existing counselling skills, and would not in itself qualify the practitioner to work with addicted populations.

Integrated Recovery Solutions, CC. Reg. No. 210/002117/23. Director: G. P. Du Plessis, B.A. (Unisa), B.A. Hons. (Unisa), M.A. (Unisa).





"A new vision and understanding of something demands a new way of talking about it, for the old terminology gets in the way of this effort. Stubbornly entrenched behind the words coined by a particular conceptual orientation are its secret prejudices. Any attempt to open out an adequately human vista onto the phenomena of undisturbed existence must include a critique of the most important idea of traditional biology, physiology, and psychology"                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Medard Boss