Guy du Plessis  




Publications in Development

  •  Du Plessis, G. P., Weathers, R. The Forgotten Father of Holism (Journal Publication) 
  • Block, S. H., Block, C., Du Plessis, G. P. The Architecture of Reality: Understanding the Chaos and Suffering in the World (Book) 
  • Du Plessis, G. P. (Editor) The Collected Work of J.C. Smuts on Holism (Book) 


Current Research Projects

  •  Du Plessis, G. P. Beyond the Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction: An Integral Meta-Therapy. PhD Thesis Stellenbosch University, Department of Educational Psychology
  •  Du Plessis, G. P., Newmark, R. An Existential-phenomenological investigation of Quality of Life for Addicted Populations (Research Project for Momentum Mental Healthcare South Africa



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"...despair is suffering without meaning."   

 - Viktor E. Frankl