Guy du Plessis  


An Integral Guide to Recovery Twelve Steps and Beyond




“Guy du Plessis has given us a very important book, a terrific example of how to apply the Integral framework to the process of recovery, thus insuring us that the approach will be more comprehensive, inclusive, and therefore effective. Recommended for therapists and clients alike!”

- Ken Wilber, American Integral philosopher and author of more than a dozen books including Integral Psychology. 


"An Integral Guide to Recovery offers the reader a path of recovery beyond mere abstinence from addiction, but to live their best life. Following the straight forward defined structure in the book provides the reader with a truly comprehensive and sustainable recovery map. A must read."

 -Stanley H. Block, MD, adjunct professor of psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He is the cofounder of Mind-Body Bridging and co-author of several books including Come to Your Senses.


"Guy du Plessis’ book is heartbreaking , brilliant, and visionary, and provides a vastly practical guide to an Integral approach to recovery. A journey through the life-crushing despair and darkness of addiction to the light of life redeemed and the Self awakened. This book deserves its place in the emerging canon of Integral literature, and is a must-read for anyone interested in recovery, both personal and collective: a road map to recovery in the 21st century." 

 -John Dupuy, M.A., author of Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction.


"Guy du Plessis does a wonderful job of contributing an Integral perspective to the 12-step traditions—the oldest and certainly among the most powerful ways to treat addiction. This book is highly accessible but never simplistic.  In your author, you have one of the true pioneers and best guides in how to bring Integral into our healing.  Use this book to broaden your horizons and open up whole new dimensions in what you thought recovery could be and how you can assist others with it."

 -Mark Forman, PhD., Licensed Psychologist, Author of A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy.


"What a rare gift to find an author in psychology who combines both carefully honed intellectual erudition with a vulnerable heart opened by life circumstance. Philosopher of science Michael Polanyi famously articulated the need for more open acknowledgment of the radical value inherent in “personal knowledge” --- the drawing together of subjective depth with objective definition. Integral theory pioneer Ken Wilber --- upon whom our author here, Guy du Plessis, draws so heavily --- offered a companion call for the necessity of combining personal authenticity as depth dimension alongside legitimacy, or the ability to communicate effectively to the person on the street. Suffice it to say that my dear and esteemed friend and colleague, Guy, well accomplishes these preceding directives. His mind and research are formidable and exhaustive, respectively. Yet it is the rooting of those very forces right down in the “smithy of the soul,” Guy’s own, which lends this current contribution such significance in the world of psychology. Psychology, writ large, surely must be inclusive of spirituality (even if critical of it); as well as healing (as in the addiction/recovery literature and attendant movements). Too often, I believe, psychology writers reduce away spirituality, on the one hand; or uncritically bypass psychological grounding in favor of moving too quickly, too facilely, into offering healing, on the other hand. Guy skillfully and tactfully avoids either extreme here. He gives full attention to a thoughtful, non-reductionistic interaction with resources from the spiritual and existential domains, while simultaneously bringing a richly balanced psychological perspective (aided by his brilliant and incisive thinking process) to incorporating as broad as imaginable an embrace of all that heals, specifically in addiction and recovery. My guess is that many who are fortunate enough to read Guy’s gift of a book here will themselves already be persuaded of the immense value in perceiving, intervening, and simply living integrally. However, it is my fondest wish that his book might also reach across into the minds and hearts of those who know addiction from the inside out; who long for a truly and soundly more holistic view, grounded in critical inquiry; and who have the courage to allow this new, powerful voice --- Guy’s --- to touch and transform them and the work they do. I bow to this good man’s incredible generosity of mind and soul in bringing to the streets a message that has been waiting far too long. Consider yourself blessed."

 -Robert Weathers, PhD., Curriculum Developer California Southern University


An Integral Guide to Recovery: Twelve Steps and Beyond available at Amazon an Barnes and Noble.



Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction

Effective Tools for Recovery and Relapse Prevention








“As a clinical psychologist working in the addiction field, I see, every day, the glaring need for effective tools for my clients to avoid relapse. Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction is the resource addiction professionals have been waiting for. It explains relapse as the complex behavior it is, and offers simple yet brilliant explanations and exercises to not only understand cravings, but also combat them. It is my hope that this book becomes part of every treatment center’s approach to preparing their clients for lifelong sobriety.”

                                —Adam Gorman, PsyD, clinical psychologist, Albany, NY

“There is genius in this book. My reaction after reading it was I wanted to stand up and cheer. This is practical, brilliantly taught mindfulness brought to the service of relapse prevention. It is also a beautifully transcendent document. I hope this book has a huge readership and usage because it’s going to save lives.”

                                —John Dupuy, MA, author of Integral Recovery

Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction takes the mystery out of treating addiction by providing a blueprint for connecting thoughts, feelings, behavior, and change. I plan to use this in my addiction counseling practice.”

                                   —Patrick McKiernan PhD, clinical director of Certified Counseling Services, Louisville, KY

“The gap in addiction treatment that has caused so many to relapse has been finally closed! Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction supplies the reader with easy-to-apply, everyday tools that allow them to access and utilize their own innate wellspring of healing, goodness, and wisdom to live their best clean and sober lives.”

                                     —Peter D. Farr, MD, DABFM, medical director of addiction medicine at Dearborn County Hospital in Lawrenceburg, IN, and member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine

“Ongoing advances in neuroscience now confirm undeniably that addiction involves the neural activity of the brain as much as the physiology of the body and the emotional state of the inner life. Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction integrates each of these into an accessible and highly effective tool for recovery, one that will be useful for a lifetime. Every day, over five hundred people die from addiction. This is a book that may save your life.”

                                          —Davelyn V. Vidrine, PhD, LCSW, director of education at the Wayne Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy at Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY



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