Guy du Plessis  


I provide strategy and research consulting for mental healthcare providers, corporate and educational organisations; and provide Learning and Development Training Programs for companies. 

My consulting approach is primaraly informed by the meta-theoretical and multi-perspectival framework of integral meta-theory, the moral foundations theory developed by Jonathan Haidt, and the Integrated Recovery Model which I developed.

offer a variety of Learning and Development Training Programs that focus on developing resilience, psychological flexibility and productivity. 

I have provided consulting for the following organisations

  • I-System Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies, Utah State University
  • Mind-Body Bridging Charity
  • Mind-Body Bridging Institute
  • I-System Inc.
  • Quality of Life Park
  • Naminkango Mission Centre
  • Integrated Recovery Institute
  • Ubuntu Community Trust
  • Momentum Mental Healthcare South Africa
  • Rustenburg Addiction Care
  • Langeberg Substance Abuse Action Group