Guy du Plessis  


Welcome to my website! I specialize in addiction treatment, recovery coaching, training, consulting, and research.

I have worked in the addiction treatment milieu for over 15 years as a addictions counsellor, head of treatment, program & clinical director, trainer, and researcher.

I am the author of the book An Integral Guide to Recovery: Twelve Steps and Beyond, co-author of Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction: Effective Tools for Relapse Prevention and Recovery, developer of the Integrated Recovery Program, and have published numerous academic articles in the fields of addiction treatment and studies, theoretical psychology and philosophy.

I hold a BA in Psychological Counselling (cum laude), BA Hons in Psychology (cum laude), and MA in Psychology (cum laude) degrees from the University of South Africa (Unisa), a PhD candidate at Stellenbosch University, and am registered as a psychological counsellor with the HPCSA.

Apart from working in private practice, I am a Faculty Mentor in the School of Behavioral Sciences at California Southern University, Faculty member at the Wayne Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy at Bellarmine University, Researcher at Momentum Mental Healthcare SA, and Executive Director of the Mind-Body Bridging Institute. 

My professional memberships include the Society of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, International Society for Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy, Society for Phenomenology  and Existential philosophy, Society for Applied Philosophy, International Society for Philosophers, and an Affiliate Member of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association.